With integrated marketing communication, we define the right target group and design professional works. We write brand strategies and display quick, effective and memorable creative ideas.



Ideas we create in accordance with world conditions, become the focus point in the communication between brands and people. This is sometimes a website, sometimes a newspaper-magazine ad, sometimes a social media campaign. We prepare integrated communication works with our professional team and present with a strategy. We examine the target audience in depth. We make creative designs that are effective and memorable.



It has been compulsory to work with professionals in the new world where brands with stories, strategies and positioning can survive. We constantly monitor and analyze the brand's functioning, its products and services and their current and potential markets and competitors and develop the most appropriate marketing strategies. As ArtArda Ad Agency, it is at the forefront of our main business to ensure that brands take the right steps in this challenging path to sustained growth.



The Internet, which has launched a new era, has become a marketing tool on which all institutions make significant investments, compared to traditional media tools due to being measurable. Obviously you need to have corporate web design in order to take place in this channel and to become remarkable. Design alone is not enough, content and coding must also be flawless. As ArtArda, we set to work by analyzing the user expectations and the sector with our experienced software and creative design team. We take web design and software as a process, we examine each part in detail. We do creative, user-friendly, functioning web designs.



SEO & SEM Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing is works on primarily with Google and Bing, Yandex and Yahoo search engines. The greatest reason why Google is the most valuable company in the world is undoubtedly the fact that consumers can find and buy anything they need through Google. With new ad formats being developed every day, Google holds a large part of the world's advertising market. As certified employees, we offer our clients fast and customized solutions.

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In our country with the population of 85 million; it is not possible for a brand to ignore social media, considering 44 million YouTube, 41 million Facebook, 37 million Twitter, 29 million Instagram and 9 million Linkedin users. We consider social media is a connection opportunity that brands can touch to their customers. As ArtArda we use our expertise in social media management, Facebook and Instagram ads for our brands. We develop original content, complete with designs and contribute to brand investment.